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Huis de Kuilen is a home as well as a service centre for the elderly. The doors to Huis de Kuilen was officially opened on 19 September 1975 by Hon. Chris Heunis, Minister of Economic Affairs at the time. We are celebrating our 41st birthday this year. We currently have 150 residents, of which nearly 50% require special care, e.g. Alzheimer’s and frail care. Our oldest resident is 99 years old.

Huis de Kuilen was started through the financial support and assistance from the community and the Dutch Reformed Church. We don’t just provide a home for the elderly, we also provide services to uplift and enhance the community. Huis de Kuilen forms part of the Badisa program.


Badisa was formed in 2003 as a joint ministry of the DR Church (Western and Southern Cape) and the URCSA (Cape). It is a church-based social services organisation, which provides services in the Western, Northern and Eastern Cape, focusing on the care, social development and treatment of indigent and vulnerable people of all ages, race, gender and religion. They are committed to caring for those in need in a practical and sustainable way and therefore take a holistic approach in providing these services, from cradle to grave.

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Happy elderly who enjoys the best physical and mental quality of life in a safe environment. Huis de Kuilen aims to offer residency, care and support for the elderly in our community through the optimal utilisation of resources and services to achieve the highest possible quality of life of our residents. Servanthood

We provide the following services to our residents

  • 18-07-2014Safe accommodation
  • Daily meals for residents, Service Centre members and public
  • Care – Medical, Alzheimer’s, Frail Care, Clinic
  • Religious activities
  • Social activities – movies, chess, bingo, card and board games, knitting club
  • Therapeutic activities
  • Hair care, hands and feet
  • Library
  • Physical exercise

The current distribution of 150 residents is as follows:

  • 19 residents in the Alzheimer’s division
  • 42 residents requiring Frail Care
  • 48 independent residents
  • 12 residents are boarders
  • 28 residents in flats
  •    1 live-in staff member

We provide the following services to the community

  • 29-11-2013-studente-sertifikaat-uitdelingA free educational program where people from disadvantaged communities are trained in home and geriatric care. The course provides the opportunity to improve the living conditions of the students and aids job creation and poverty relief. The program is conducted once a year, for a period of three months (1 September to 30 November).
  • Occupational Therapist students from UWC conduct their practical with Huis de Kuilen.
  • Free education to colleges in terms of ‘Care Taker’ practicals.
  • Provision of soup to HIV / AIDS infected children through ABBA on a weekly basis, since 2004.
  • The project ‘Aksie Samaritaan’ provides a meal to approximately 70 people every Monday. Huis de Kuilen contributes to this project through the sharing of donations and extra food.
  • Home visits are performed by the Social Worker and needs from community members requiring the service of the Social Worker are also addressed.

Huis de Kuilen currently employs 42 staff members and 20 contractors.
These services would not be possible, if it wasn’t for our excellent staff compliment and the hard work they put into every day.